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Eye-catching design helps sell your book

Your book deserves a great cover—one that accurately portrays what’s inside and piques reader interest. Your book cover is the “ad” for your book. TBE will make sure your cover makes a great first impression.


A well-edited book is a well-read book

TBE offers four types of editing: proofreading, copy editing, rewriting, and developmental editing. Our editing maintains your style, voice, and message, making your book more readable.


A book worth publishing is worth marketing

Your message is important to you. We understand that, being authors ourselves. Every author wants to know how to effectively market their book. TBE provides the expertise to help you build your platform.


The story of your book comes alive with a trailer

TBE trailers are a great way to engage potential readers with images and music that stir a response. Like your back cover, a trailer tells readers why they need to get your book—but more dramatically.


When you need help putting it all together

Sometimes an author doesn’t have the time or skill to put their manuscript together—but they have a clear message. TBE can work from your recorded messages, notes, partial manuscript, or interviews to get it done.


At the end of the day, your title says it all

Is your book title unique, memorable and appropriate? Which sounds more intriguing: Judging the Sky or The Epic Undoing of Haley Ann Ewing? Your title is the most enduring element of your book.

Can you answer “yes” to any of these questions?

  • Do you have a book idea but don’t know where to begin?

  • Is your manuscript complete but you need a cover design?

  • Does your manuscript need a little, or a lot, of editing help?

  • Is your book ready to publish but you need help getting files ready for CreateSpace, Spark, or another publishing portal?

  • Is your book already published but you need help with marketing?

  • Are you a book publisher who needs some outside help with a project?

The next step is to contact us about your project. We’ll review what you’ve already done and provide expert advice on what we feel needs to happen next. If you request it, we’ll also provide an exact, no obligation, price quote and estimated timeline for completion of work.

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