Text Editing & Ghostwriting Services

Manuscript editing is at the core of Christian book publishing. Your message is the most important aspect of your book. Because of this, you want your book to be edited accurately, sensitively, and thoroughly. That’s what TBE does—no more, no less. We won’t mess with your baby—but we will put a smile on its face.

TBE also provides ghostwriting. Did you know some of the best-known Christian books have been ghostwritten? We don’t like to say too much publicly, because that would defeat the purpose of the ghostwriting process. We can tell you that your ghostwritten text will maintain your voice and style.

What are the top reasons why authors want to get their books into print?

  • To share a truth, revelation, or story, which edifies, strengthens, and encourages others
  • To multiply their message beyond their boundaries and beyond their lifetime
  • To define their leadership in a particular field

What’s your reason?


Why Choose TBE?

  • You always have final approval over your text.
  • You get 99.99% typo-free text with all editing levels.
  • A 50% deposit gets your editing project started.
  • You get a four week turnaround on all editing except ghostwriting.

What Authors Say…

Attached is my full review of the proof and response to all your questions. I am blessed to have such a professional publisher and editor. I am impressed with your editing and writing ability and am appreciative. It makes my book so much better.

James Moore, author of THE LIGHT SWITCH