Project Description

Cover Design Case Study: The True Measure of a Man

The author originally self-published his book with help from a friend and sold a few thousand copies. After we re-designed the cover a national campaign was implemented, which resulted in more than 25,000 copies sold. His self-designed cover needed some minor, but important, tweaks to make it look more professional. We also designed a second version for his prison ministry.

Click the navigation arrows on either side of the cover image to see the makeover.  The first image is our final re-design. The second image is the prison edition. The third image is the author’s original version.

Richard E. Simmons III is the Executive Director of The Center for Executive Leadership, in Birmingham, AL.

CFEL Website:

Note: We did not design the covers for this client’s other books.

Our task was to improve the existing design without a radical re-design, because the author had already sold 4000 copies of his self-published book. He wanted a professionally designed cover, which maintained the look and feel of the original design so that people who had bought the original edition would recognize the new edition in the marketplace. The new edition, published by Evergreen Press, went on to sell an additional 25,000+ copies.

  • Graphic design
  • Photoshop
  • Copywriting (for the cover jacket)
  • Editing & pagination (of the text)
  • Platform building (via Evergreen Press)