Project Description

Text Editing Case Study: Yes, God Does Speak

One of the most challenging things for a new author is to write the first chapter or story in their book. How do you grab the reader’s attention? John Langer’s manuscript contained a collection of stories how God spoke to him through the years, the powerful outcomes of that communication, and how we can all have the same experience. We saw that some of the material in his original introduction needed to be switched with material in the first chapter. The rest of the text containing his moving testimonies flowed well from that point on. His book has just recently been published by Evergreen Press.

John Langer has mentored well over 100 people toward a new or deeper relationship with God. Even though he has traveled the world and been to almost every state in the US, he never stops giving credit to the great I AM. He has spoken in front of thousands and also shared with just one. If you spend time with John, you will often find him in his prayer room for hours just to get closer to the One he loves.


Our task was to take a well-written text and make it better. Other than switching some material from the introduction to the first chapter, and some material from the first chapter to the introduction, his text only needed a basic edit.

  • Level 1 editing
  • Typesetting (pagination of the text)