Book Printing & File Prep Services

There are four essential steps to book publishing:

  1. Writing and editing the text
  2. Cover design, typesetting, and file preparation
  3. Placing the book into a publisher’s or printer’s production process
  4. Marketing and promoting the book

TBE can help you with these activities. This page talks about preparing your files for a printer or online publisher.

If you need about 300 or more copies of your book, a litho printer is usually the best route. Shorter runs and ebook publishing can be accomplished online with good results. TBE can help get your files ready, according to specs, for either online or offline printing and publishing.

If you’ve read this far, you probably won’t be happy with the results if you send in your files “as is.” You want the best for your “baby.”


Why Choose TBE?

  • Missteps in file preparation can mean delays in getting your book out.
  • With longer print runs, mistakes on the front end can be very costly.
  • TBE can advise which publishing process makes the most sense for you.
  • If TBE brokers your printing, we insulate you from printer errors.

What Authors Say

Thank you so much Brian—you are my new best friend! …These files worked perfectly! Now to be even more of a bother, what is the chance of getting just the logo without the cover?

Tom Baker, author of ONE DOG'S FAITH