• TEXT EDITING—Every manuscript gets at least two read throughs
  • COVER DESIGN—Three levels of cover design to fit your budget
  • COVER & TEXT ILLUSTRATION—From our freelance pros
  • GHOSTWRITING—We’ll ghostwrite your text in your voice
  • BOOK TRAILERS—Our trailers are engaging and affordable
  • WEBSITES—Your website is the foundation of your author platform.
  • BOOK TITLE GENERATION—If your title is weak we can help.
  • MARKETING MATERIALS—We provide all your marketing essentials.
  • EBOOK CREATION—We’ll convert your book to ebook formats.
  • PRINT BROKERING—We can save you money on longer print runs.
  • BOOK PACKAGING—We’ll help you set up your own publishing house.
  • RESOURCE FOR PUBLISHERS—We can handle your production overflows


We'll deliver on time—or sooner

Our promise is to deliver your project when we say we will deliver it. TBE projects are worked on in the order they are received, so if you need it quickly, please get it to us quickly. That’s only fair to our other clients.


Quality and affordability—a great combination

You expect to pay more for high quality—but TBE doesn’t think you should have to break the bank. Although we’re not the cheapest guys around, we deliver professional quality at competitive prices.


If you're not happy—we're not done

The quality of creative work can be very subjective to evaluate. Take a look around our site. If you like what you see, that’s what you’ll get. If you’re not happy we’ll fix it or do it over until you are satisfied.

Need More Reasons for Choosing TBE?

Why You Need Professional Help…

  • A professionally published book sells more copies than a do-it-yourself book.
  • A professionally published book gets higher reviews on Amazon.
  • A professionally published book is required to get into the big chains.
  • A professionally published book gets more word-of-mouth recommendations.
  • A professionally published book will boost your confidence as an author.

What Authors Say…

I’ve already viewed the book trailers; I was almost in tears.

Tommy Daugherty, author of WHY YOUR HISTORY MATTERS

The cover designs are wonderful. Better than I had hoped for!

Dr. James K. Abshire, author of LIVE, LOVE & LET GO

Kathy did a wonderful job of editing and rearranging.

James Moore, author of THE LIGHT SWITCH